What Is The Tor Browser?

The Tor Browser is a fully anonymous web browser that allows you to access hidden services and clear net websites without your ISP, government or the website itself knowing your location or IP address. The Tor Browser is completely open source and audited by many independent people meaning you can trust its privacy & security. It may not be perfect but it’s the best tool we have available for online privacy!

How Do I Access .onion Sites?

In order to access Tor onion sites you must have the Tor Browser. You could also use a tor2web proxy but we do not recommended it because the proxy and your ISP will know what websites you visit and what data you send to them!

Is Tor Illegal To Use?

Tor is legal to use in most countries but there are some exceptions such as China, North Korea & Bahrain. If you use Tor for illegal activity such as carding or buying drugs then of course the use of it is illegal. Just browsing onion sites is completely legal as long as you are using it for educational use only. There is a small chance law enforcement will know or care that you’re using the Tor Browser anyways.

Note To Law Enforcement

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